Sodding TorontoMr. Landscaper Offers Quality Sodding (Sod Installation or Lawn Replacement) Services in Toronto and all of South-Western Ontario.
As one of the leaders in the landscaping industry, We place customer satisfaction as our Top priority. Being one of the fastest growing landscaping companies in Ontario, we have extensive experience Sodding Toronto’s Lawns over the years. Regardless of the Challenges you face (Clay Soil, Raccoon Problems, Drainage Issues, Extensive weeds or Grading Issues), We have seen it all Sodding Toronto’s Lawns over the years.
Re-Sodding your lawn has been proven to have several benefits. It helps with everything from reducing noise levels, cooling your house, absorbing heat and most importantly…is therapeutic and stress relieving to all individuals living in your house (Pets Included!)

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we offer complimentary assessments for your property. Request your free consultation today and enjoy your New Sod as early as next day!

As one of the fastest growing landscaping companies in Ontario, we are one of the most highly recommended Sodding (Sod Installation) Companies in Ontario! We offer Quality Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Services all across South-Western Ontario. As one of the best companies Sodding Toronto’s lawns, we only use high quality Sod Rolls (New Sod) and Nutrition Rich Soil to ensure you get the best Sod Installation Service for your money! 

Sodding? What is Sodding (Sod Installation)?

Sodding TorontoSodding is a process of lawn replacement (grass replacement) with New Sod. New Sod Rolls or Sod is ready made rolls of grass like the ones in the picture. The best Quality of New Sod Rolls are usually available at various Sod Farms. These New Sod Rolls allow you to have a fully grown lawn from the first day. Thanks to the proximity of Several New Sod Farms in Ontario, Sodding Toronto’s Lawns have never been easier. The New Sod Rolls delivered to the Toronto Sodding site allow us to create the optimal conditions for your lawn to survive and thrive!

How Can We Help You Re-Sod Your Lawn?

Sodding TorontoAs one of the fastest growing Landscaping companies in Ontario, Mr. Landscaper’s Sodding Services have installed thousands of square feet of New Sod. We have extensive experience Sodding Toronto’s Lawns for more than a decade. There is no job that is too small or too big for the best Sodding Company in Toronto and the GTA! We have done everything from 500 SQ.FT  to 15,000 SQ.FT! We are knowledgeable, passionate, experienced and most importantly – dedicated while Sodding Toronto’s Lawns. What makes us unique is our customer service once the New Sod has been installed. Providing Warranties and keeping in contact with our clients has helped us build a solid reputation all across South Western Ontario.
  1. Mr. Landscaper Offer’s Complimentary Estimates for your Property
  2. Mr. Landscaper Only uses Quality Materials for your Sod Installation Project
  3. Mr. Landscaper Provides Warranties with its Sodding services
  4. Mr. Landscaper Ongoing Customer Support and Service.

Average Sodding Cost Per Square Foot

Sodding TorontoAll Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Jobs are quoted per square foot. As one of the fastest growing landscaping companies in the province, we are able to offer our clients an extremely competitive rate. While our Sodding Quotes are not the cheapest, they are also not the highest you will find. We include an exclusive rate for your Sod Installation Job rather than break it down by materials. labour etc. All Sodding Estimates are free. When Sodding Toronto’s lawns, we include all labour, disposal, grading, additional soil needed as well as high quality fertilizer in our prices. While we cannot reveal an exact rate (all jobs are different), we often take pride in being able to work with your budget.
The biggest determinant of sodding cost is often the size of the Sod Installation Job. The larger the square footage, the lower your rate will be. While the smaller your square footage, the higher your rate will be. However, we never price low only to provide a project completed using low quality materials. Companies that often charge lower prices often use cheaper materials as well. This often leads to a rushed job with inadequate soil base (cutting corners) and inferior quality New Sod rolls. The difference between our price and that of our competitors can be very minimal, but its the few hundred dollars that guarantee your quality!
Our Quotes for Sodding Toronto’s lawns have remained quite standard even though we have experienced exponential growth over the past decade. We pride ourselves in our ability to work within your budget and provide the best Sod Installation Job money can buy. Additionally, our Sodding Professionals take the time to assess several factors often overlooked  by other companies. Soil Quality (PH Levels), Potential Grading Problems, Raccoons infestations, Excessive Weed Growth and Water Pooling areas are often the most common problems. Each problem is unique making it hard to give an exact price for your Sodding Project.
The Average Sodding Cost Per Square Foot Depends on these factors :
  • Mr. Landscaper Considers Grading Issues
  • Mr. Landscaper Considers Quality of the Soil
  • Mr. Landscaper Considers Size of the Project 
  • Mr. Landscaper Considers Potential Grub Infestation
  • Mr. Landscaper Considers YOUR BUDGET!

Our Sod Installation Process

Sodding Toronto

Sod Installation Looks easy. However, we all know that looks can be deceiving. While it is not the hardest landscaping project to DIY, the detailing of the project is where the big difference comes into place. Our Sod installation process is done the right way, the first time around to ensure you keep your New Sod healthy for a long time. The process is quite simple, but beware…looks really can be deceiving. The labour involved with Re-Sodding your lawn is quite a bit of work as it involves hours of physical labour. Here is how we Re-Sod your Yard:
  1. Mr. Landscaper starts off by using by a traditional Sod-cutter in order to prepare the ground and rid the ground of the existing lawn. Once this is done, a tiller is used to loosen up the ground (if needed)
  2. Mr. Landscaper then uses a garden hoe to pull out any existing pieces of lawn and prepares a flat surface. Once this is done, we spray a healthy amount of Fiesta (Need a pesticide license) in order to kill the roots of all weeds present.
  3. Mr. Landscaper starts putting down the additional soil to fill all the holes (craters) and leveling out the ground. Once this is done, we get a heavy duty roller to pin the entire ground flat and create a perfect surface for planting sod.
  4. Mr. Landscaper finishes the Sod Installation project by laying down the New Sod and Re-Rolling it with the heavy duty pin. Once everything is done, a healthy amount of fertilizer is added to the lawn to ensure long term health!
  5. Mr. Landscaper Sodding Jobs come with the 90 Day Guarantee!
We are proud to be providing Maple, Vaughan, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Nobleton, Richmond Hill, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, North York, Toronto, Forest Hill, York Mills, Bridle Path, Lawrence Park, Rosedale, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Caledon, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton, Ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, Burlington, Oakville, Barrie, Orangeville, Guelph, Bolton, Georgetown residents with professional sodding (lawn replacement) in 2016.

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