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Landscaper Offers Quality Interlocking (Interlock Installation and Re-Leveling) Services in Toronto and all of South-Western Ontario.

As one of the leaders in the landscaping industry, We place customer satisfaction as our Top priority. Being one of the fastest growing landscaping companies in Ontario, we have extensive experience Interlocking Toronto’s Properties over the years. Regardless of the Challenges you face (Steep Slopes, Drainage Issues, or Grading Issues), We have seen it all Interlocking Toronto’s properties over the years.

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we offer complimentary assessments for your property. Request your free consultation today and enjoy your New Interlock as early as next day!

As one of the fastest growing landscaping companies in Ontario, we are one of the most highly recommended Landscaping Companies in Ontario! We offer Quality Interlocking and Interlock Repair  Services all across South-Western Ontario. As one of the best companies Interlocking Toronto’s properties, we only use high quality Stones and Adequate amount of aggregates to ensure you get the best Interlock Installation Service for your money! 

Interlock? What is Interlocking? (Interlock Installation)?

Interlocking TorontoInterlocking is a process of enhancing curb appeal by adding stone work to your property. This can be your driveway, patio walkways and even porches! The process of Interlocking Toronto’s properties involves creating a proper base made of Gravel, HPB and Limestone screening. The highest quality Stones (that are ready-made) are then installed on a flush surface providing you and Interlocked Area! Stone’s are usually available at various Stone dealer such as Best Way Stone, Permacon and Unilock. These Stone Retailers allow you to customize the type of stone you can select as they come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the proximity of several stone dealer’s in Ontario, Interlocking Toronto’s properties has never been easier. Your choice of Stone delivered to the Toronto Interlocking site allows us to create the optimal conditions to install your interlock and ensure the job is done properly.

How Can We Help You?
Interlocking TorontoAs one of the fastest growing Landscaping companies in Ontario, Mr. Landscaper’s Interlocking Services have installed thousands of square feet of New Interlock. We have extensive experience Interlocking Toronto’s properties for more than a decade. There is no job that is too small or too big for the best Interlocking Company in Toronto and the GTA! We have done everything from 500 SQ.FT  to 15,000 SQ.FT! We are knowledgeable, passionate, experienced and most importantly – dedicated while Interlocking Toronto’s properties. What makes us unique is our customer service once the New Interlock has been installed. Providing Warranties and keeping in contact with our clients has helped us build a solid reputation all across South Western Ontario.

  1. Mr. Landscaper Offer’s Complimentary Estimates for your Property
  2. Mr. Landscaper Only uses Quality Materials for your Interlocking Project
  3. Mr. Landscaper Provides Warranties with its Interlocking services
  4. Mr. Landscaper Ongoing Customer Support and Service.

Our Interlock Installation Process

Interlocking TorontoInterlock Installation Looks easy. Believe it or not, its the most common DIY home improvement project that goes wrong. Over the years, we have estimated and repaired hundred’s attempted by homeowners themselves. While we cannot question your passion, we highly recommend leaving Interlock work to the professionals. It is quiet possible one of the hardest DIY Home improvement projects.  Our Interlock installation process is done the right way. We do not take any shortcuts and often provide a warranty on our work as well. We do Interlock Installation the proper way to ensure the longevity of your New Interlocked area. The process is quite simple, but beware…looks really can be deceiving. The labour involved with Interlocking your property is quite a bit of work as it involves hours of physical labour and expertise. Here is how we Interlock your Yard:

  1. Mr. Landscaper starts off by using by a hopping in a mini-excavator or a mini bobcat to start the excavation process. Ideally, you should be looking to dig anywhere from around 6-8 inches depending on the type of finish you are looking for (Some homeowners want it higher than the existing level)
  2. Mr. Landscaper then flattens out the area and begins adding various aggregates in place in order to the base. You can use a variety of materials. However….your stone will only be as strong as the base underneath it!
  3. Mr. Landscaper  once all the aggregates are down, we go ahead and level out the entire areas to form a flat surface on which your rock will be installed. .
  4. Mr. Landscaper finishes the Interlock Installation project by laying down the New Stone and tamping it down with a compactor. It is recommended to sand the area followed by an application of Interlock Sealant to finish the job!
  5. Mr. Landscaper  finishes the job by offering a 2 year warranty!

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