Mr.Landscaper’s Gardening Service is one the best in the industry. As experienced Landscaping Contractors, we have the knowledge and experience to make your garden come to life. Regardless of  your needs in the garden – new trees, armour stone, soil and mulch top-up, Mr.Landscaper offers landscaping design services as part of their gardening program.

There are several different types of garden we have put together in the past. Since every property is unique in shape and size, it is truly difficult to base the price of a particular project. Garden Design and Construction is one of the fastest way to raise your property value and spruce up your landscaping. It also helps that is one of the most cost effective methods!

All estimates made from Mr.Landscaper’s are free. As one of the fastest growing landscaping companies in Ontario, we are proud of offer our customers quality work for a competitive price. On top of our professional Gardening service, we offer other landscaping services as well. Interlocking and Sodding (Sod Installation) and Lawn Repair are two of the main services that often go hand in hand with our Gardening Service.

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