Landscaping : Myth Busters

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Landscaping : Myth Busters

Landscaping your property is an ongoing process which takes time. It requires intense research, effort as well as luck. In order to research different aspects of landscaping, you may have already spent hours online learning things from various landscaping contractors. Chances are majority of the information you read will be accurate, while some of them will not be valid. Regardless of where you heard it, do not turn these rumours into landscaping habits.  

“Watering my Lawn in the evening saves Water”

False. Watering your lawn in the evening can save your electricity bill. Not water. On top of that, evenings and early morning’s are the best times for water your lawn. During the afternoon, watering your lawn will make way for lawn burn as the grass itself is really hot. Be sure not to over water the lawn as the water on top makes way for different diseases such as lawn fungus. If you want to end up conserving water – choose a drip irrigation system. That is a guaranteed way to save water.  

“Mowing my lawn shorter means fewer repetitions”

True…to some extent. Mowing your lawn shorter is a personal choice. If you like it cut really low then by all means proceed. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to mowing lawn short. Similar to watering the wrong time of the day, mowing it short makes way for different diseases and problems. Firstly, when you mow it low, you are exposing it to the sun allowing for potential lawn burn to take place. This happens because the lawn itself cannot hold its moisture and is more susceptible to the heat. Secondly, your lawn will need more water for survival. It’s like working out your lawn and then starving it. This could potentially lead to ripping out the old lawn and replacing it with a new one.  

“I don’t need landscaping services. I can do it myself”

Also True…to some extent. While you can go ahead and maintain your lawn yourself, understand the amount of work that needs to be done. On top of that, when you think this way, you either had a bad experience with a landscaper or do not have the budget for it. Landscaping Contractors have the skill and experience to build and maintain several properties daily. Landscaping is one of the fastest growing industries and has seen demand increase steadily. IF you don’t need it, so be it. However, remember that they just a call away.  

“All landscaping is the same.”

Killer Joke. All Landscaping is certainly not the same. Every house is unique. Every front yard and backyard is different. As professional landscaper’s out to improve a properties curb appeal, we can certainly assure you all landscaping is certainly not the same. While people can patch together a few plants and soil in their front yard…that is not landscaping. Landscaping is planning out the property before installation. This includes everything from soil type, borders and of course the type of plants suitable for your landscape. The experience and even finishing touch of professional is very different than that off a homeowner looking to save money and DIY. Experience has a price. It’s upto you – the homeowner- to decide if that is something you want to invest in.

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