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Landscaping 101

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so you have a backyard, and that’s wonderful, but do you have landscaping? landscaping isn’t the same as the grass to your yard. Irrespective of how tons time you have spent mowing and tending to it. Many young people flow into their first house and don’t have a good idea about landscaping. Several find a way to manage their yard. However with new suburban houses, they don’t truly know the way to cross about getting proper landscaping. The quality issue to do is to get  back to the fundamentals and start gaining knowledge.

Importance of Soil

Depending on where you live, your soil can be closely acidic or alkaline. The soil  can have massive amounts of clay or iron. The point is any landscaping or grass you’re making plans on growing, your soil has to cooperate. For your soil to work properly, you need to have it tested. Your soil is probably perfect or it might simply want some nitrogen. Soil engineers can check and analyze soil from unique points in your backyard. This assists your backyard perform at its satisfactory. the fee for this averages approximately $800.

Application of landscaping

Landscaping serves more than just an artistic or aesthetic reason. It’s  useful outdoor art, however it can additionally function a automobile for privacy. Landscaping can exist to draw certain insects or birds to your private home. accurate panorama architects and panorama designers are trained to utilize your backyard for anything give up you choice (security, privacy, etc) with a layout that is desirable to the eye and to the neighborhood. so consider what you are attempting to perform with your landscaping. in case you are interested in attracting butterflies or retaining acquaintances from peering in, maintain this in thoughts in order that your architect or clothier creates some thing that could serve this twin cause.

Maintaining your panorama

after you have had your landscaping designed and mounted, there may be an difficulty of upkeep. you’ll either need to maintain your yard your self or you may hire a landscaper to do it for you. either manner, early spring thru early fall, there could be consistent work to preserve up with the jones’s. however it is ideal work. you’ll be out of doors, sweating, and getting your arms grimy seeking to get that inexperienced thumb.

Gardening: Your Kids New Hobby!

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If you prefer digging within the dirt, you may get pleasure from horticulture, too. Growing a garden along with your children can assist you find out about plants. you may grow flowers or vegetables in your yard or within your zero in containers. As you’re employed to require care of your plants, you may have to be compelled to confirm they get water and sun to grow.

Gardening Basics

To grow a garden, you may want house for planting, seeds or plants, and tools. associate degree adult will assist you add a garden. Adults may teach you concerning caring for plants. perpetually handle tools fastidiously with associate degree adult’s superintendence thus you don’t get hurt.

Gardening With youngsters and Youth: Dig within the dirt to grow completely different flowers and vegetables. Garden Safety for teenagers half 2: mistreatment Tools and Preventing Injury: Use tools for horticulture fastidiously. Gardening for Kids: folks of all ages and skills will celebrate horticulture.

Gardening concepts for kids with Special Needs: opt for a special horticulture project to grow plants. Children within the Garden: Vegetables typically grow quickly, thus you’ll see what you planted. Got Dirt? You don’t want a giant house for growing.

Build a Bean Tower: A bean tower can support bean plants as they grow. Gardening With Young Children: Dig in! Garden within the spring with associate degree adult to grow plants. Child Safety within the Garden: keep safe within the garden by mistreatment tools fastidiously.

                                                                                    Vegetable Gardens Grow food for your family with a kitchen garden. Vegetable gardens may be any size, at the same time as tiny as a instrumentality or 2. Plant vegetables that you just like or wish to eat. you’ll then watch as they grow and be converted into food that’s able to eat. Let’s Get Growing in Containers: Grow vegetables in containers if you don’t have space in your yard. Kids Thrive with Vegetable Gardening: Growing vegetables would possibly cause you to healthier as a result of you’ll eat what you grow. Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables: Planting a kitchen garden will offer you exercise. Gardening Grows Healthy Kids: begin atiny low kitchen garden to grow vegetables. Kids within the Garden: nourishing and Fun: begin a garden by designing the vegetables you may grow and planting the seeds. Growing Healthy children With Gardening: several folks celebrate excavation within the dirt. Appetite for Change: Teaching children concerning Organics associate Gardening: find out about organic horticulture by planting an organic garden. Benefits of horticulture for Children: learn the way to require care of the planet by planting a garden. Edible Gardens: associate degree edible garden has plants you’ll eat. Gardening With Kids: designing a garden may be exciting as you select the plants you would like to grow. Planting Pizza: A pizza pie garden has plants you would like to create pizza pie, like tomatoes, peppers, onions, and basil.

Flower Gardens

If you prefer colorful flowers, strive growing some in your own garden. Flowers would possibly bloom for one season solely, or they might return once a year. Some flowers just like the sun and wish to grow in shady spots. opt for flowers in colours you prefer, and celebrate tending them in your yard. If you would like to, refer to a horticulture contractor on which of them can thrive best in your climate.

Keeping children Safe within the Flower Garden: operating within the garden may be fun, however keep safe as you utilize tools. My 1st Garden: Growing a garden involves completely different tasks.

Garden Themes for Kids: set up associate degree fundamentals garden with flowers starting with completely different letters of the alphabet. Childhood within the Garden: Time in an exceedingly garden will teach you concerning flowers. Butterfly Garden Activities Stir Children’s Sense of Wonder: Plant a butterfly garden with colorful flowers. Anthurium, wading bird Flower: Some flowers have uncommon names, like the wading bird flower.

                                                                                           Projects assist you find out about horticulture. you’ll even work on horticulture comes throughout the winter. strive completely different comes, like growing plants within your home or growing a garden with an issue. associate degree adult will assist you set up a horticulture project. Flora Explorers: Discovering the Structures and desires of Plants: find out about the items plants have to be compelled to grow. Make Your Own Herbarium: create a herbarium out of dried leaves from herb plants. Forcing Bulbs for Indoor Beauty in Winter: Plant flower bulbs within throughout the winter so that they can bloom. Easy Water-Wise Gardening: Plant a garden packed with plants that don’t want several water to thrive.The Value of Soil: associate degree apple will teach you concerning the planet and its soil. Traveling Seeds: Plants unfold to completely different places by seeds that travel on the wind or on article of clothing. Vegetable horticulture in Containers: learn the way to grow vegetable plants in containers on a structure or deck. Watering instrumentality Gardens: Keep your plants growing in containers healthy with several water. Teaching Your children to Garden with Garbage: learn the way to show garbage into compost to feed your plants.

Sodding FAQ’s

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have a 500 square-foot area. How long will it take to install sod? Answer: For this amount of space, you can expect to work for between 60 and 90 minutes to lay out and arrange all the sod strips on your own. Question: I can’t install all of the sod on the day it’s delivered. What should I do? Answer: Unroll the sod and give it a good drink of water. Place it in the shade to prevent it from drying out. Keep it moist until you’re able to attend to the installation up to a day or two later. Question: Is it hard to install sod? Answer: The preparation process is more challenging than the actual installation. Simply unroll it, arrange the pieces with the ends and edges nestled together and water thoroughly. From there, the sod takes over its own growing process with a bit of routine maintenance every day and then every week on your part. Question: When is the best time to lay sod? Answer: Sod can be installed nearly year-round, with spring and fall being optimal because the seasons’ temperatures and general weather patterns protect the sod from scorching summer heat. Summer installation, while possible, requires more frequent watering to help the sod become established. During winter, the ground may be too hard for the sod to establish a deep enough root structure. Question: What are signs of quality, fresh sod? Answer: When you receive your sod, start by looking at the soil on the bottom, which should be moist. The blades of grass should feel cool to the touch and have a dark green color. Look for uniform texture and height. Check for strength by holding a piece up by the narrow end and raise it up. It shouldn’t fall apart or tear. Question: Where can I find sod? Answer: Sod farms are the best places to check first, so start by looking in the yellow pages for any local growers. Alternatively, local garden centers or nurseries often carry sod or have connections with nearby growers.

Suggested Do-It-Yourself Landscaping Projects

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The real distinction between a project that you just do yourself and one that’s professionally done is performance, speed and repair. If you’re wanting solely at what quantity cash you’ll save, what will that matter if what you’ve done isn’t right? A landscaping project is one place wherever this thought is created clear. The act of thoroughgoing, planting trees, and making flower beds, among different things, is back breaking, but doable. The information will be learned by reading many books and learning informed totally different faculties of thought. However you don’t have to be compelled to grasp codes, perceive a way to calculate soil compaction, or cubic water pressure.

Suggested DIY Landscaping

Planting Big Trees: The trick here is about planting the right tree in the right season. How much water to use through the first week is another factor. If you ought to use ropes or wire to facilitate it to stand. Among different things. analysis is vital. therefore is lifting along with your legs. Planting Flowers, Shrubs and different Plants: Creating by removal holes and planting trees or decorative shrubs could be a job that simply takes time. However if you wish creating by removal around within the garden, then this is often right up your alley. Workers at any nursery will tell you what soil combos can work best and once to plant sure things.


There are several landscaping projects needing more work than the things listed above. A number of these comes embody giving birth brick patios, building ponds, fountains and butterfly gardens. These comes need not solely muscle and time. Construction information and knowledge is crucial. you’ll learn something from a book or observation a demo, however in reality issues occur. elements don’t match, one thing won’t get together, and knowing what to try and do once the book leaves one thing out or a way to fix a drag once you have created miscalculation, is wherever landscape professionals soar. These professionals have seen all the issues.  which will occur and grasp not solely a way to fix them however a way to stop them from happening altogether. This truth isn’t to discourage you from making an attempt your own hand at sure comes, however additional to acquaint you with the $64000 distinction between DIY comes and skilled comes. If you’ll tolerate mistakes, then charge ahead. Plus, with landscaping, very like a nasty haircut, it’ll shortly grow out.

Final DIY Landscaping Thoughts

You should feel inspired to try and do the smaller landscaping comes around your home. If you mess one thing up, simply pull it out of the bottom and take a look at once more. The larger comes that need of additional information and ability most likely best left to the execs. However what you’ll do is watch them do the project and learn 1st hand.  As you dig around additional in your yard and figure some things out, someday later you’ll grasp specifically a way to approach the larger comes.

Landscaping : Front Yard Edition

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Landscaping : Front Yard Edition

If you have had a chance to read some of our previous articles, you will know we mentioned the importance of Backyard Landscaping. We also mentioned how the backyard can be your personal oasis while your Front yard will directly reflect your property. If you home lacks the curb appeal you are looking for, sprucing up your front yard doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. As a homeowner ourselves, we realize that budget’s are often tight and proper planning can help maximize your properties potential.  .

Front Yard Curb Appeal 

While the entry to your house is the most obvious reason for improvements, improving different aspects of your front yard one step and a time can make the overwhelming task a little easier. While tackling it all at once is more budget friendly, splitting it up into different pieces doesn’t necessary have to cost a lot more. Be sure to plan properly before proceeding with a project of your size.  

Front Door

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of “landscaping“. Regardless of what category you put your front door into – interior renovation or landscaping, it will be one of the first things anybody will see. Depending on the status of your door, you might have to do nothing. You might have to apply a coat of paint or…change the entire door. If your door is in that bad of a stage, be sure to choose the right door. Doors these days come with energy efficient options similar to windows allowing more hot or cool air to stay inside. Lastly and most importantly, choose a door that will be sure to compliment your landscape. IF you have a simple wooden door with a fancy front yard full of fixtures…something just doesn’t add up. Choose Wisely.   

Upgrade Light Fixtures

Landscaping Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of landscaping. You can have the best looking backyard in the entire neighbourhood. It just would not be complete without Landscaping Lighting. Lights make your house more inviting for guests as well as shower your fixtures with the attention they deserve. If you are worried about the consumption of energy, there are several ways you can cut costs when it comes to saving money.   

Landscaping Ideas

The main course of this post. Landscaping Ideas. What exactly are you looking to accomplish? Do you want have a natural look? Are you more interested in hardscaping instead? Potentially considering fixtures? The choices are truly endless and if you want to optimize your budget, be sure to consult with a landscaping professional. On top of that, driving around the neighbourhood is one of the fastest way to gather ideas on what exactly you want. Some people really like trees while others really like to focus on the hardscapes – Armour stone, Stamped Concrete, Flagstone Walkways and Patios etc. Our suggestion to you is have a open perspective about everything. Contacting Landscaping Professionals are your best bet when it comes to improving curb appeal. 

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Landscaping : Backyard Ponds

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Landscaping : Backyard Ponds

If you had a chance to read some of our previous posts, you will realize one thing: Landscaping is full of possibilities. Even people on a budget can have the luxury of exquisite landscaping if they plan the landscape design properly. One of the rarest fixtures in landscaping are backyard ponds. As far as water fixtures go, you cannot do any better than backyard ponds…depending on the size of the project of course. If you are planning a major landscaping overhaul, here are a few key points you need to know about backyard ponds:  


Let’s start with this: backyard ponds are not DIY projects. They involve the installation of irrigation lines, Armour stone and possibly some masonry. While there are ways you can install this yourself, the aesthetic look will not be the same. There are lighter, artificial stones you can use, recycling the same water over and over again (it will smell over time this way) and not to mention performing the masonry work yourself. There are always way to cut corners but we do not recommend it when it comes to the installation of Backyard Ponds Professional contractors will also be able to plan out proper designs before proceeding with their landscape work. The experience and skill they possess will enable you to customize your backyard pond and enable it to be the highlight of your landscape. The main issue is to be sure to contact a landscape professional  


One of the biggest reasons not to cut corners during the initial installation is the higher maintenance costs once installed. While this completely depends on the type of climate you live in, the maintenance costs for all weather conditions are essentially the same. One of the reason’s why we recommend fresh water usage instead of recycling the same water is because it will make your fixture susceptible to algae. Similar to maintaining a pool, you will have a lot of unexpected expenses when it comes to maintaining a backyard pond. Be sure to consult with a professional landscaper to help you breakdown all the potential costs. Best of Luck everyone. I look forward to hearing and seeing some before and after pictures. 

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