Landscaping : Myth Busters

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Landscaping : Myth Busters

Landscaping your property is an ongoing process which takes time. It requires intense research, effort as well as luck. In order to research different aspects of landscaping, you may have already spent hours online learning things from various landscaping contractors. Chances are majority of the information you read will be accurate, while some of them will not be valid. Regardless of where you heard it, do not turn these rumours into landscaping habits.


“Watering my Lawn in the evening saves Water”

False. Watering your lawn in the evening can save your electricity bill. Not water. On top of that, evenings and early morning’s are the best times for water your lawn. During the afternoon, watering your lawn will make way for lawn burn as the grass itself is really hot. Be sure not to over water the lawn as the water on top makes way for different diseases such as lawn fungus. If you want to end up conserving water – choose a drip irrigation system. That is a guaranteed way to save water.


“Mowing my lawn shorter means fewer repetitions”

True…to some extent. Mowing your lawn shorter is a personal choice. If you like it cut really low then by all means proceed. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to mowing lawn short. Similar to watering the wrong time of the day, mowing it short makes way for different diseases and problems. Firstly, when you mow it low, you are exposing it to the sun allowing for potential lawn burn to take place. This happens because the lawn itself cannot hold its moisture and is more susceptible to the heat. Secondly, your lawn will need more water for survival. It’s like working out your lawn and then starving it. This could potentially lead to ripping out the old lawn and replacing it with a new one.


“I don’t need landscaping services. I can do it myself”

Also True…to some extent. While you can go ahead and maintain your lawn yourself, understand the amount of work that needs to be done. On top of that, when you think this way, you either had a bad experience with a landscaper or do not have the budget for it. Landscaping Contractors have the skill and experience to build and maintain several properties daily. Landscaping is one of the fastest growing industries and has seen demand increase steadily. IF you don’t need it, so be it. However, remember that they just a call away.


“All landscaping is the same.”

Killer Joke. All Landscaping is certainly not the same. Every house is unique. Every front yard and backyard is different. As professional landscaper’s out to improve a properties curb appeal, we can certainly assure you all landscaping is certainly not the same. While people can patch together a few plants and soil in their front yard…that is not landscaping. Landscaping is planning out the property before installation. This includes everything from soil type, borders and of course the type of plants suitable for your landscape. The experience and even finishing touch of professional is very different than that off a homeowner looking to save money and DIY. Experience has a price. It’s upto you – the homeowner- to decide if that is something you want to invest in.

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Landscaping : Front Yard Edition

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Landscaping : Front Yard Edition

If you have had a chance to read some of our previous articles, you will know we mentioned the importance of Backyard Landscaping. We also mentioned how the backyard can be your personal oasis while your Front yard will directly reflect your property. If you home lacks the curb appeal you are looking for, sprucing up your front yard doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. As a homeowner ourselves, we realize that budget’s are often tight and proper planning can help maximize your properties potential. 


Front Yard Curb Appeal 

While the entry to your house is the most obvious reason for improvements, improving different aspects of your front yard one step and a time can make the overwhelming task a little easier. While tackling it all at once is more budget friendly, splitting it up into different pieces doesn’t necessary have to cost a lot more. Be sure to plan properly before proceeding with a project of your size.


Front Door

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of “landscaping“. Regardless of what category you put your front door into – interior renovation or landscaping, it will be one of the first things anybody will see. Depending on the status of your door, you might have to do nothing. You might have to apply a coat of paint or…change the entire door. If your door is in that bad of a stage, be sure to choose the right door. Doors these days come with energy efficient options similar to windows allowing more hot or cool air to stay inside. Lastly and most importantly, choose a door that will be sure to compliment your landscape. IF you have a simple wooden door with a fancy front yard full of fixtures…something just doesn’t add up. Choose Wisely. 


Upgrade Light Fixtures

Landscaping Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of landscaping. You can have the best looking backyard in the entire neighbourhood. It just would not be complete without Landscaping Lighting. Lights make your house more inviting for guests as well as shower your fixtures with the attention they deserve. If you are worried about the consumption of energy, there are several ways you can cut costs when it comes to saving money. 


Landscaping Ideas

The main course of this post. Landscaping Ideas. What exactly are you looking to accomplish? Do you want have a natural look? Are you more interested in hardscaping instead? Potentially considering fixtures? The choices are truly endless and if you want to optimize your budget, be sure to consult with a landscaping professional. On top of that, driving around the neighbourhood is one of the fastest way to gather ideas on what exactly you want. Some people really like trees while others really like to focus on the hardscapes – Armour stone, Stamped Concrete, Flagstone Walkways and Patios etc. Our suggestion to you is have a open perspective about everything. Contacting Landscaping Professionals are your best bet when it comes to improving curb appeal. 

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Landscaping : Backyard Ponds

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Landscaping : Backyard Ponds

If you had a chance to read some of our previous posts, you will realize one thing: Landscaping is full of possibilities. Even people on a budget can have the luxury of exquisite landscaping if they plan the landscape design properly. One of the rarest fixtures in landscaping are backyard ponds. As far as water fixtures go, you cannot do any better than backyard ponds…depending on the size of the project of course. If you are planning a major landscaping overhaul, here are a few key points you need to know about backyard ponds:



Let’s start with this: backyard ponds are not DIY projects. They involve the installation of irrigation lines, Armour stone and possibly some masonry. While there are ways you can install this yourself, the aesthetic look will not be the same. There are lighter, artificial stones you can use, recycling the same water over and over again (it will smell over time this way) and not to mention performing the masonry work yourself. There are always way to cut corners but we do not recommend it when it comes to the installation of Backyard Ponds

Professional contractors will also be able to plan out proper designs before proceeding with their landscape work. The experience and skill they possess will enable you to customize your backyard pond and enable it to be the highlight of your landscape. The main issue is to be sure to contact a landscape professional



One of the biggest reasons not to cut corners during the initial installation is the higher maintenance costs once installed. While this completely depends on the type of climate you live in, the maintenance costs for all weather conditions are essentially the same. One of the reason’s why we recommend fresh water usage instead of recycling the same water is because it will make your fixture susceptible to algae. Similar to maintaining a pool, you will have a lot of unexpected expenses when it comes to maintaining a backyard pond. Be sure to consult with a professional landscaper to help you breakdown all the potential costs. Best of Luck everyone. I look forward to hearing and seeing some before and after pictures. 

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